Busting 2 Popular Offroading Myths About ATVs

ATVs have long been used in offroading activities, making it more surprising that many people believe they are not capable offroaders. 

ATVs are motorized vehicles that were designed to withstand offroad or dirt road terrains. It has four balloon-style tires, a seat in the middle, and handlebars for the rider to use for steering. 

This offroader is easy to use and very efficient on dirt roads. It offers easy maneuvering so expertise in driving isn’t necessary. It’s also great for solo riding and adventures.

Despite all that it can do, there still are people who are skeptical about the ATV’s offroading capabilities, as well as myths surrounding its sustainability. Spoiler: they need maintenance, too.

  • Busted Myth #1: ATVs are only for racing.

  • ATVs are popularly used in dirt road racing, which is a supervised event. However, it is also used by individuals for offroading adventures and solo riding. Most people go to the ATV to experience it under supervised conditions, but this is not its only strength. 

    These vehicles are used by farmers for utility purposes, along with UTVs, their bigger counterparts. Hunters commonly use both for tough terrains, and they are generally cheaper than an SUV.

    If you are looking for a small, easy to maneuver vehicle for trailing, the ATV is your best bet. They provide everything a trailer needs for offroading: traction on the 4 balloon-style wheels, good ground clearance, a rugged chassis, and enough space for comfortable riding. ATVs can get you anywhere without difficulty.

    Lastly, there are different types of ATVs, and not all of them are exclusively for racing. Some are better performance-wise, and not all of them are sporty models. This means that myths surrounding its exclusivity for racing are nothing short of false.

  • Busted Myth #2: ATVs are not great for offroading.

  • There can be no bigger misconception than the idea that ATVs are not capable of offroading. It’s literally made for that. They are designed for rugged terrains and not for smooth riding, although they can do that too. 

    This myth may have been born out of people noticing that more people use SUVs in offroading than quads. Perhaps it was because SUVs offer more space than ATVs do, hence the preference. The former is great if you want to take your family offroading, but the ATV is the best choice for solo adventures. 

    ATVs can get you through steep hills since it offers good ground clearance. You can also put an aftermarket suspension, but it’s better to learn about the risks first since it is only advised for expert offroaders.  

    Another thing that makes an ATV great for offroading is because it gives you a full view of the road. There is no cabin obstructing your view, so you can see obstructions like rocks. The balance and stability offered by an ATV also make it easier for the rider to pass through terrains with little difficulty.

    The Verdict

    ATVs are efficient, easy-to-maneuver offroaders that can get you anywhere, contrary to what myths say. They are formidable in taking on challenging terrains and steep hills, and they’re great for trailing and solo adventures. 

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