Cleaning Your ATV: 4 Simple Steps to Follow

After a fun-filled day of racing your ATV along muddy trails, it’s bound to pick up some dirt along the way. While the stains are all part of the charm, it’s important to clean off all the grime, grease, and muck since they can cake on your bike’s components and wear them down over time.  

Not to mention, it’s better to run off-road with a bike that looks ready for battle on your next adventure. Unfortunately, you can’t just bring out the hose and expect it to make your ATV spick-and-span — it has some grit that requires more steps to bring back its lost luster. 

Before you roll up your sleeves and move forward with the dirty work, we’re here to help make cleaning your ATV an easier chore with the simple steps below: 

Step #1: Presoak 

Before you can bring out the suds, your ATV is likely covered in hardened mud and dirt. The filthy build-up won’t budge with just a sponge, so you need to douse your bike with a wide spray of water to loosen up all the dirty particles stuck on the surface. Be sure to soak your ATV and repeat the process until all the crud is soft enough to chip off. 

Step #2: Pressure Wash 

Once the layers of sludge on your bike are loose enough after presoaking them, you can blast all the particles off using a pressure washer to remove the stubborn mess stuck on the ATV. Both the gas-powered washers or electric pressure washers can get the job done, but be sure to practice extreme caution since this cleaning equipment can be harmful when used improperly. 

Step #3: Clean Using Soap and Sponge 

Now that all the cemented mud is gone from the nooks and crannies of your ATV, you can move forward to cleaning with the use of a trusty sponge and soap. Keep in mind that the cleaning solution should be free from any harmful chemicals that can damage your ATV, so choose bike-friendly detergents that can effectively remove the residual oils off your bike. 

Step #4: Drying 

When it comes to drying the ATV, you can let the sun do all the work for you, though be sure to give the process a headstart by wiping off the excess moisture using a lint-free towel. However, it’s better to dry the bike with compressed air since it can ensure even the tiniest recesses are dry enough to prevent rust from developing. Nonetheless, you can always just wipe hard-to-reach areas with a towel. 

The Bottom Line: Keeping Your ATV In Mint Condition 

Riding your ATV is a thrilling experience, but all the fun ends once it’s time to bathe this dirty workhorse. However, keeping your ATV clean doesn’t have to feel like a back-breaking effort, especially with a few quick tips and guidance. 

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