What Age Should Kids Ride 50cc ATVs?

Riding an all-terrain vehicle at a young age is definitely a bragging right. They say that “if you want children to succeed in something, you need to start them young”. There are a lot of options for ATVs that are extremely light, powered by electricity or gas. But how old should they be before driving a 50cc ATV?

How Old Should Your Kid Be To Ride A Gas Four Wheeler? 

While ATV driving should be based on knowledge and, a child’s ability to drive should also be based on their strength and size. Normally, the youngest age for ATV driving should be around six years old. If your kid is younger but has the strength and size of a six-year-old kid, they should be able to drive the vehicle too. 


If you’re hesitant about the child’s safety, don’t worry. ATVs designed for kids are easy to drive and come with a speed limiter for additional control. Once the kid becomes more confident, you can increase the speed later on. Another safety feature of a kid’s ATV is the kill switch, which a supervisor can hold while the kid is driving. The kill switch, once triggered, automatically shuts off the engine.


What is the best ATV for 6 year olds? 


While there are many variables to consider in determining the right quad for your child, there are some great models available for the average height and weight 6 year olds. 

Tribal Motorsports recommended models:

  • Hunter 50cc ATV
    • The Hunter 50cc ATV (2021 model is a 60cc) is a great starting model because of it's small frame and utility styling
    • This is a perfect ATV for parents who want a little helper to follow them around land and utilize the front and rear racks to transport brush, farming, or hunting equipment.
    • This ATV comes with speed controls and has a top speed of 22 MPH
  • Tao Motor Boulder B1 110cc ATV
    • This is a great ATV with a sportier styling that features a rear rack and equally sized small frame
    • This quad is perfect for your "mini-me" to follow you around on the dirt race track, but can also be used around your property
    • This fully automatic ATV is equipped with a speed limiter, parental remote engine kill switches, and a hand / foot braking system.
  • Tao Motor AT4 110cc ATV
    • The AT4 is a great utility style ATV for 6 - 8 year olds who are bigger (and taller) than the average 6 - 8 year old due to its larger frame. The AT4 has similar speed capabilities to the above models, but more leg room due to the marginal increase in frame size.
    • This quad is perfect for utility use and is popular because (unlike the above models) it is equipped with reverse functionality. 
    • This 4 stroke quad is fully automatic with forward, neutral and reverse. It also includes the speed limiter, remote engine kill switches, and hand / foot braking system.


Safety Guidelines for Children Before Driving an ATV

It is best to keep the child safe at all times. Prioritizing safety above all things should be your main concern before letting your kid drive.

  • Wear a helmet

  • Much like other riders, wearing a helmet can prevent head injuries. There is predicting when an accident will happen, but we can always prevent it from becoming more severe. Ensure that the helmet fits the kid’s head snugly and securely. It is also best to invest in a helmet that covers the whole head, complete with a face shield. The helmet should also pass the American National Standards Institute’s guidelines and national test standards. It should also have a supported rating or SNELL rating to know that it has gone through accredited testing organizations.

  • Wear protective clothing

  • Aside from the helmet, the child should also wear protective clothing. More than the aesthetics, the clothes should protect the kid from bad scratches, scrapes, or even broken bones in case an accident happens. The kid must wear over-the-ankle footwear with non-slip heels and soles. It is also best to wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and gloves for better protection.

  • Operate the ATV with a supervising adult

  • Even if you trust your kid and their skills, it is still great to have someone watch over them while they drive. An adult with knowledge of ATV driving can also make the process safer and more conducive to learning.


    Allowing your children to drive at an early age can be the foundation for the best memories. All-terrain vehicles are fun and kid-friendly so long as parents take every measure to keep them safe. With every fun activity comes the duty to protect and keep the kids safe, whatever the circumstances may be.

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