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A Simple Guide on Choosing the Right ATV for Your Kids

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Harry Strick |

Father and son activities shouldn’t be boring. Gone are the days of simply watching pro wrestling shows and superhero cartoons on TV with your kids! As early as the age of eight (8), you should be teaching your kids to be active outdoors, to embrace nature, and to get a feel of their hobbies for the foreseeable future. Watching them explore a new type of activity is one thing—but seeing their progression and mastery of that certain activity is a much better story to follow in the long run.

Getting into ATVs with Your Kids

One major activity that you can both enjoy would be ATV riding. Discovering the countryside through a wide forest trail amongst the greens of nature would be an unforgettable experience—one that they may bring with them as they grow up. 

Riding alongside their dad would be a cool story to tell their kids once they finally mature and decide to have a family of their own! As such, it’s best to start them young and plant the seeds of enthusiasm and excitement towards an activity that both of you can enjoy.

Now, while it may sound like ATV riding is just all about fun and excitement, you shouldn’t forget that it is a fast-paced activity as well. As with all fast-paced activities, the proper equipment should be purchased in order to ensure safety and comfort! 

In the case of your kids, there are a couple of factors to consider in finding the right ATV just for them. Take note of these to avoid any form of unnecessary risk and future expenditures:

  • The ATV should be age-appropriate

  • It shouldn’t be too big or too small for your kids. Kid ATVs are usually age-appropriate for eight to fifteen years old (8-15). Any bigger or smaller than that, and your kids may not enjoy riding in it! 

    Kid ATVs are made with these ages in mind so that the seat and the handlebars are fit for their height and grip.

  • You should also consider the weight of the ATV

  • It is much harder to steer a heavier vehicle than that of a lighter one. Having the ability to easily make turns on the trail is critical, especially if there are bumps on the bend. You wouldn’t want your kid’s ATV to flip over due to unbalanced weight and momentum.

  • Choose a kid-friendly ATV for beginners

  • Even Kid ATVs have variations in terms of the rider’s skill level. This is where the transmission types would come into play! 

    Some ATVs have a single-speed automatic transmission, in which your kid would be able to control the forward thrust of the vehicle with a push of a thumb throttle. There is also the semi-automatic variant, where an automatic clutch would determine the start, stop, and manual transmission of the vehicle.

  • Take it slow with an electric-powered ATV

  • Right off the bat, we should mention that Kid ATVs come in gas-powered variants—however, there are also electric-powered ones that have far smaller energy life and are a tad slower than their gas counterparts. It may seem like a killjoy to own the electric variant, but keep in mind that your kids are still beginners, so if you’re not comfortable in letting them ride the faster option yet, go for the electric vehicle!


    Kid ATVs are fun, but you shouldn’t risk the safety of your kids by not doing your homework as a parent. You should choose the right one that your kids would be comfortable riding on. A properly matched ATV would not only last them for a very long time, but it would also allow them to learn the basics during their early years. Guide them, teach them, and hone their love for a sport that knows no boundaries.

    Are you looking for ATVs in the US that are safe for your kids? At Tribal Motorsports, we believe in the quality of all our products—which is why every Kid ATVs for sale in our catalog are made to fulfill your kid’s every need on the trail. Nurture your kids’ four-wheeler hobby at an early age and watch them grow with exemplary skills on the rough road ahead. Contact us for more information about our complete lineup of ATVs!