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How to Teach Your Child to Fall in Love with Motocross

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Collin Basinger |

Do you enjoy motocross, and want your kids to follow in your footsteps? Many people think that it is a dangerous sport, but it’s still possible to stay safe while enjoying this extreme sport. On top of that, teaching your kids to love the sport actually has plenty of benefits. For one, it can provide your child with many life skills. Another thing is that it can keep your child physically fit. 

However, it may not be particularly easy to get a child into this sport—but it’s not impossible. This is because your love for motocross is a step that can inspire your child to explore it. Yet, the process will certainly require careful planning. 

Most importantly, you must first make sure that your child is interested in it. Otherwise, it would be more challenging to get your child to try it, as they might outright reject the idea. 

All About Motocross

Motocross is off-road motorcycling where dirt bikes are used. The motorcycles are driven on dirt, grass, and mud. What makes this sport challenging is the uneven terrain. 

Typically, children who get into the sport begin on less challenging tracks, and from there, they work their way up and improve. 

How Safe Is It?

As mentioned, motocross may look dangerous, but like other action or extreme sports, there are ways to eliminate or reduce the dangers of the sport. First, you need to teach your child to respect the dirt bike and ensure they’re always in proper gear. Explain to your child the importance of these two and train them to make it part of their routine before they go off-road. 

Another point to consider is that the level of risk will depend on the level of competitiveness you want your child to reach. Suppose your child will only ride in the woods behind your house. In that case, the dangers are significantly reduced. On the other hand, if you want your child to be a regular racer, then you will need to prepare yourself to allow your child to take on more risks. 

How to Get Your Child into Motocross

The first thing you can do is to take your child to track. Make your child watch it, and as much as possible, take them to a track where people of the same age are riding because they’ll be more interested in watching. 

It’s essential that you take your child to the track first because you don’t want to spend money on a bike and gear that may not be used at all. 

When your child expresses love for it, then it’s probably time to buy a youth dirt bike. You need to buy the right one that will be perfect for your child. Along with the bike, you also need to invest in proper gear to ensure they will be protected on the track. 


Getting your child to love motocross may be a challenge at first, but your passion for it is significant to spark interest in them. From here, you need to expose your child to the sport because the more they see it, the chances are that they will develop an interest in it. Even if they don’t develop a love for it instantly, exposing them to the sport is a huge step!

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