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Buying Your 10-Year-Old an ATV: What You Need to Know

Buying Your 10-Year-Old an ATV: What You Need to Know

Harry Strick |

Finding the right size ATV is not something that should be underestimated. Organizations with strict regulations like The American Academy of Pediatrics are against the idea of allowing children to drive or ride any form of ATV. Tribal Motorsports, on the other hand, thinks that kids should be able to ride too just like adults do!

We are Americans! We crave adventure and adrenaline -- in order to show the off-roading experience to younger generations, it’s necessary to be an informed buyer before buying an ATV for riders below 10 years old.

Purchasing an ATV for a 10-year-old isn’t an impossible or illegal act. In reality, understanding the different components of an ATV will make it easier and safer for your child to drive an ATV as they get older. The more you know about an ATV’s features, the better choices you can make for your child’s learning and safety.

Choosing the right ATV for a 10-year-old driver

Allowing your child to drive an ATV isn’t an act of irresponsible parenting. In fact, it takes a lot of decision-making and precautions to let your kid drive a vehicle by themselves. You need to ensure that they have the right size, cognitive skills, and discipline to handle a powerful motor. Although there are age-specific indicators in some models, you must also understand what features are included with different models we have for sale. Doing so makes you more informed on whether your child is ready to ride an ATV.

Before you scout the market for ATVs, here are four buying tips to ensure that your purchase is age-appropriate for a 10-year-old:

  1. Match your child’s height with their ATV size

A crucial component in purchasing an ATV is ensuring that your child can operate it comfortable. This means making them capable of reaching the footrests with at least 3 inches of clearance from the seat to your child’s pants. Additionally, the ATV you purchase should be approximately 3 to 4 times your child’s weight. Although some parents choose to buy a model that their child can “grow into”, it’ll be a safety and maneuverability risk to buy an ATV with an incompatible size to its driver.

  1. Choose an ATV’s engine size and top speed

Most parents make the mistake of purchasing an underpowered vehicle. Light and low performance vehicles can be fun to play with for toddlers, but aren’t worth driving for children who want to develop their driving skills. Remember that less speed doesn’t always make ATVs safer to drive. A more effective alternative is to buy a solid and durable quad in the 110cc - 125cc range -- keep in mind every ATV we sell has a speed limiter.

Speed limiters allow you to gradually adjust your child’s driving difficulty-level, enabling them to get progressively faster as their driving skills increase over time.

  1. Look for additional safety features

Besides choosing between gas and electric-powered ATVs (Tribal Motorsports specializes in selling only gas powered vehicles), you should also purchase a model that has reinforced child-safety features. As mentioned above, an adjustable speed limiter is a vital feature you should look for. 

Additionally, finding a vehicle with a safety tether will mitigate risks from falling off the ATV, such as the Boulder B1 110cc ATV, or for taller kids, the Tao Cheetah 125cc ATV.

Each ATV Tribal Motorsports sells is also equipped with a remote kill switch, which can effectively disable the engine from ranges up to 25 yards. 

Finally, investing in quality tires with reliable durability and traction prevents any slip-related accidents. Don’t forget to double-check a model’s shocks and brakes.


Like any  product, it’s important to consider the age-appropriate recommendation for its user. It’s necessary to make children aware of their responsibility of driving an ATV to keep themselves safe. To ensure this, parents must only purchase ATV from reliable suppliers.

At Tribal Motorsports, we provide parents with a comprehensive catalog of four wheelers and ATVs that are safe for your children to drive. Purchase your 10-year-old's first ATV with us today!