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Buyer's Guide For Finding The Perfect ATV For Your 3 - 7 Year Old

kid riding 125cc atv

Jonathan Kerr |


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As a parent, you want to ensure that your kid has a memorable childhood. What better way to do this than teaching your kid how much fun riding ATVs is!  For kids between ages 3-7, you not only have to make sure that they know how to ride the vehicle, but you also have to find the correct size for their age. Failing to do so can be dangerous, especially if they don’t properly understand the importance of safety. Thus, from your further consideration, here are some factors you should consider:

  • Specifications 

  • When standing, there should be no fewer than three inches of clearance between your child’s pants and the ATV. Your kid should also be able to operate the brake lever and throttle and grip the handlebars and move them all the way to the left and right. If they ride an ATV without fitting these specifications, they are at greater risk of getting injured. We recommend that after you measure their pants inseam length, you also measure the length of their hand fully extended to insure they can easily use the brake lever. The gap from the brake lever to the handle for 125cc is 4”, the gap for 110cc ATVs is 3”. So, if your child’s fully extended hand is less than 4” in length, then you will most likely need to purchase a smaller 110cc ATV

  • Engine size

  • Buying an ATV is similar to buying a pair of shoes. Purchasing a too big or too small pair can cause your child to trip over their feet and make their shoes a hazard.

    Although each ATV does come with a speed limiter that can limit speeds to as low as 5 MPH, it’s important to know the difference in unrestricted max speeds of each model. To ensure your child enjoys their ride, make sure to consider the motor size and choose one that is appropriate for their riding abilities. 110cc’s have an unrestricted top speed of 17 - 21 MPH, and 125cc’s have an unrestricted speed of 23 - 27 MPH.

    Again, both 110cc and 125cc ATVs do have speed limiters so they can be restricted but it is important to know the top speeds as a parent when buying the right size ATV. 

  • Your child’s riding abilities

  • Every child has unique abilities in handling an ATV. If you are experienced in riding such a vehicle, it’s best to teach your kid the basics, such as how to shift their body weight, before letting them ride independently. You should also supervise them when operating the vehicle, and they must never be allowed to operate a full-sized ATV. They are also not allowed to carry a passenger when riding a single-rider vehicle. If you or your child has never operated an ATV before it is best to set the speed limiter to a heavily restricted setting, and also make use of the remote engine kill switch that comes with each ATV until your child gets the hang of riding!

  • Safety

  • Your child’s safety should be your top priority. Therefore, while looking around for high-quality kids’ ATV for sale from a trusted ATV dealer, you should also invest in the proper safety gear for them. These include helmets, boots, gloves, pants, and long sleeves. 

    There should also be orange safety whip flags (which can be purchased on eBay) to help you  keep track of your child on the trails. 

    In addition, since ATV regulations vary from one state to another, consult the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission for up-to-date information about state-by-state regulations. You can also check the ATV e-courses they offer online for all ages and experience levels.


    ATV riding can be an unforgettable hands-on learning experience for your child. Being concerned about your little one’s safety is understandable. Luckily, you can ensure their safety and teach them how to become responsible riders by investing in the right vehicle and safety gear. When buying an ATV, consider the factors listed in this guide.

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