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New vs Used Dirt Bikes: Helpful Tips in Buying Your First Dirt Bike

New vs Used Dirt Bikes: Helpful Tips in Buying Your First Dirt Bike

Harry Strick |

Picking the right dirt bike to purchase isn’t easy, as there are many factors to consider before you should even think of buying one. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy working and saving for it, and, understandably, you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of choosing the wrong one for your needs.

Luckily, there are various indicators and specifications that you can follow to help with your decision. While not all of these thoughts apply to each dirt bike enthusiast, they will help narrow down your options before making your purchase. Here’s how to ensure you get your purchase correct:


  • Age, Height, and Weight

    If you are a smaller/newer rider who has little to no experience on a dirt bike, we recommend starting with a smaller cc engine that has training wheels.  If you are semi experienced and still smaller in size, you could start out with a mid-sized dirt bike that either has a fully automatic or semi-automatic transmission.  By buying new rather than used, you are ensured on what you're getting, rather than possibly getting into something that may have had previous issues.  Buying new also offers live technical and customer support where you can find assistance in the areas you need, where as buying from a private individual may not offer the same.


    Another common thought for a newer rider is the following: "The bike is going to get dented and damaged regardless, so why buy a brand new?". While there is no answer as to whether that thought is right or wrong, the price point and accessible service can help answer that.  When you can find a new dirt bike comparable to the price of the used one, it's wise to take advantage of said services, even for a slightly higher cost, where the possible damages are reparable under a warranty.


  • Your Budget

  •  While skill level is crucial for riding a dirt bike, the rider’s budget is also a primary deciding factor. You may be a skilled motorcycle rider with years of experience, but without the proper amount of cash, you may think you are only be able to afford a used bike instead of a brand-new one. 

     That as well, can be a common misconception, depending on where you look for your "new" ride.  It's worth the money to invest in a new vehicle as long as you can get the support that should be offered with it.  Selecting a route that offers Chinese made dirt bikes is typically the way to go for anyone that may be learning or growing.  This allows you to save on cash, while still getting a brand new vehicle that you will work right off the bat.  


  • Where You Plan On Riding

  • Where do you plan on riding dirt bike? How will you use it? Whether you plan to use your bike for daily commute, or off roading --  most people desire a reliable vehicle to meet their needs. Brand-new models will typically guarantee a longer lifespan, and they will also feature some of the most advanced innovations when it comes to riding safely on (or off) the road. 

    On the other hand, used bikes may present a challenge, as they may need more repairs and maintenance routines, because you may not know how responsible the previous owner was in regards to performing regular maintenance on the used bike. They also tend to consume more fuel, as older models aren’t designed to be more eco-friendly and aerodynamic than their brand-new counterparts.

    • If you plan on riding on the road only, we recommend road legal vehicles, such as mopeds (not all dirt bikes are necessarily deemed road-legal in all states). 

    • If you want a vehicle that functions as an "on-road / off-road" we recommend dual sport enduro bikes (these vehicles are road legal but also have off-road shocks and tires).