The Dirt Bike Challenge: Riding to Cleaning up the Mud

Motocross and dirtbike riders consider mud a badge of honor, a trophy of their fun. It looks cool, but the nightmare of an effort to clean it afterward will make you wish you were cruising clean roads instead.

Cleaning a full-size dirt bike may be difficult and time-consuming, but there are a few tricks you can use from those who know a thing or two about proper mud cleanups from motorcycles and bikes. Here are some of those tips:

Muddy Cleanup

Let’s face it, dirtbikes of all kinds are awesome and perfect for outdoor thrill-seekers of all ages. Their designs help you conquer most kinds of terrain. However, your machine may end up accumulating all kinds of mud.

Both front and rear wheel rotation will absorb mud into its traction tracks, sending the thick mud all over the engine, the exhaust cover, and you. Do not let mud cake in and harden on motorcycle surfaces, and they will gradually become harder to scrape off and remove. 

Some smaller pieces of mud can find themselves into the nooks and crannies of your engine, forcing it to work harder, which can cause it to overheat even while on the run.

The first step is to manually scrape off mud using your hands or cleaning brushes. You can then follow it up with a high-pressure power washer to wash the dirt off the tires and sides of your bike, followed by a soap and water wash.

Mud Prevention Strategies

Before going on a new off-road trail or riding out from rainy or shallow water paths, you can use an SC1 spray or any good quality high gloss waterproof spray coating product. Make sure your bike is dry and thoroughly clean, then spray on the right amount of clear coat to cover it with water and mud repellant. 

After each ride, you can easily wipe, or better, spray off the dust, mud, and dirty water splashes with pressurized water, and everything will come right off.

Mud cam also totally covers whole goggles and glasses, making it impossible to finish your trail, even with just ordinary dust. For this issue, you can opt for full-scale panoramic view wide goggles with The Ripper goggle view clearing device. You simply click on the button on your handlebar, and it will completely clear the view in a quick second. 

Final Thoughts

The only real stress in dirtbikes and motocross is the dreadful clean-up after every run. These tips should be helpful against slippery mud. They can make your ride safer and more efficient on your glorious bikes.

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