The Buyer's Guide to the Right Beginner ATVs for Kids (by Age)

Do you have memories of riding around open paths or wide backyards in an ATV growing up? If so, you probably understand why driving them felt incredible and exhilarating. As a parent, you may want to give your kids the same experience. But buying just any kind of ATV is not the way to go for kids. If you don’t remember the type you drove as a child, here are the most recommended models for your children of varying age ranges. 

Parents’ Guide to Buying ATVs for Kids

For Ages 3-7 

50cc - 110cc Gas ATVs

ATVs with smaller engine sizes are usually the ones most suited for young children. 110cc ATVs have the smallest engine size, but it has been dubbed one of the most reliable for its size. Parents may feel uncomfortable getting an ATV for their toddler because of its size, but most of them actually come with parental controls. 

There is a speed limiter screw on the throttle to regulate how fast your child can go. You can get a four-wheeler ATV to slow down as low as 5 miles per hour. You also get an engine kill remote that you can control if your child has crossed some established boundaries.

Recommended Model:

Tao Motor Boulder B110

Tao Boulder B1 Photo

For Ages 8-15

125cc Gas ATVs

125cc ATVs are ideal for kids who can handle a bit more responsibility and want to get a little daring. They have a top speed of 25 miles per hour, but they still come with the same parental controls that 110cc ATVs have. This model is something a kid can grow with and is more affordable than upgrading in the future. It comes with a 27-inch high seat, 8-inch rims with 19-inch tires, and reverse gear. And as always, they come with the kill engine remote.

You can also choose between sports-style and utility-style ATVs. The utility model will do just fine for kids who just need something to go around in the farm or backyard. But if they show interest in racing and motorsports, there are some sports models suitable for children in this age range. 

Recommended Model:

Tao Motor T-Force 125

Tao Motor T-Force 125 Picture

For Ages +15 


150cc - 250cc Gas ATVs

Teenagers are close to adulthood, so they deserve an ATV sized perfectly and comfortably for them. 150cc - 250cc ATVs will suit both teen and adult riders (which means you can take it out for a spin too). These are pretty close to the “standard” ATVs.

Recommended Model:

Tao Motor Raptor 200

Raptor 200