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Things to Consider When Buying an ATV for a Six-Year-Old

Harry Strick |

No one is ever too young or too old to enjoy an ATV ride. Whether you are young or young at heart, you have all the freedom to take on the four wheels and steer through the wilderness. For parents who are hoping to train their kids to ride an ATV at an early age, nothing would be more fun than choosing the ride that matches their size and skill.

Not to be mistaken for expert adult ATVs, the kiddy variants are friendlier towards their young riders, much so that your kids wouldn’t have a hard time learning the basics along the way. 

Of course, they would still need guidance from you, but the task of training them would be much quicker than training them with a mismatched ATV.

How Do I Pick the Right ATV for My Kids?

There are a couple of things to look out for when picking the right ATV for your six-year-old. Don’t be intimidated by the differences between the four-wheeled rides, as they are the same, with a few crucial differences that would match their riders’ skill level and age. Here are some things to consider as you shop around: 

  • The Size

  • The size should be the easiest indicator of an ATV that is a perfect match for your kid. If your six-year-old is having a hard time trying to get on the ride, then it’s a bit too big for them. Ask for a smaller one that allows them to mount safely and efficiently.

  • The Engine Size

  • Aside from the size of the ATV, ask about its engine size as well. The appropriate engine size for your six-year-old should be an ATV of 110cc and below. This specific engine will provide a decent amount of power without putting your kid at risk. It can also produce a well-regulated speed, making it safe for your kid to balance and enjoy the ride.

  • The Number of Wheels

  • There are ATVs with three wheels, while there are also those that have four wheels. The latter would be perfect for your six-year-old since it would enable them to keep their balance while enjoying a stable ride. 

    Regardless of your choice of wheels, your child will eventually need to turn and steer towards a different direction, and such an action may require them to shift their weight at an angle, so make sure to be there at all times!

  • The Type of Suspension That the ATV Has
  • The ATV must have proper gear suspension, which should prevent it from shake too much during the ride. A model with more coil springs has more traction, balance, and control, making it safe for your kids to ride through the terrain.


    Choosing the right kind of ATV for your six-year-old shouldn’t be too difficult. So long as you know the right things to look out for, you will able to pick out the right one among various ATV models in the market today. Make sure to conduct further research, ask around for expert advice, and follow the tips above to ensure that you arrive at a safe and durable option for your child.

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