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4 Affordable and Easy Ways to Repair a Backfiring ATV

Repairing Coolster ATV

Collin Basinger |

Few things can get your heart pumping as much as when your ATV starts backfiring. It can be shocking at times, to the point that you may be sick and tired of the sound. However, the real problem comes when you understand why your ATV backfires in the first place. 

There are just so many causes for backfires, such as having the wrong muffler or exhaust installed, clogged air filters, weak fuel pumps, and many more. As such, fixing the problem can get quite expensive, especially if you do not know what you are doing.


If you want to get rid of backfires once and for all, here are affordable fixes you can try out:


  1. Clean the jets


If your ATV has a carburetor and you let it sit for long enough, the fuel will start to degrade and clog the jets. This is one of the main causes for backfires, but it also is one of the more complicated fixes. 

You will need to remove and disassemble the carburetor to get to the jets. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials online, so if you are confident in your mechanical skills, you can try this. If not, then send the ATV to the shop for a not-so-cheap fix.


  1. Replace the filters


Where the fuel and air filters are on your ATV will be dependent on the make and model of your ATV. However, if you manage to find a set of instructions for your ATV, replacing them is pretty straightforward. This will allow your ATV to draw clean fuel and air, reducing the likelihood of backfires.


  1. Opt for better quality fuel


If you have been using low-quality fuel, it may gunk up your fuel system. For that reason, you may need to clean up the fuel system first before switching to a new fuel. After you do so, however, stick to better fuel.


  1. Install a fuel injector cleaner


Not all fuel tanks have a fuel injector cleaner. If yours does not, there is a chance that the fuel line might be gunked up in the fuel filter and pump area. As such, installing a fuel injector cleaner can eliminate the problem. Also, if you are not planning to use the ATV for a long time, adding a stabilizer can keep the fuel from degrading.




If you do not see any improvement with the tips above or simply are not confident enough to carry out the repairs yourself, send your ATV to a mechanic. Though the fix may cost a bit, their expertise can help determine the cause of the issue to eliminate backfiring. You may not have to worry about backfiring anymore. You might be able to ride freely through any terrain without the shock of the noise, so long as you address the issue. 


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