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Teach Your Kid How to Ride an ATV: A Practical Guide

Teach Your Kid How to Ride an ATV: A Practical Guide

Collin Basinger |

For most of your life, the passion that you’ve always had for motorsports has likely been unwavering, thanks to the fact that keeping the fire burning is nearly effortless. Like other gearheads in your family and friend groups, you’ve managed to enjoy being on two-wheelers and four-wheelers (or even six and eight-wheelers) and also cultivated a deep love for doing so. 

When it comes to riding an ATV, you’re probably at that point where you fully believe that you wouldn’t want to exchange the thrill of motorsports and fuel-loaded adventure with anything else. As you continue to spend most of your weekends and free days carving dirt roads with a four-wheeler, yet another great adventure awaits: It’s time to teach your child how to ride an ATV.

Tips any parents should consider when teaching their kids

Although your little one’s inherent curiosity is bound to make them view the idea of riding ATVs in a more attractive light sooner or later, having them beg you to get them started is a heartwarming sight. Considering that your little one is your pride and joy, the idea of getting them started can be intimidating because of how inherently dangerous riding can be. 

Fortunately, teaching your kid to ride an ATV doesn’t need to be a daunting task because the risk of experiencing mishaps can be easily prevented with the right approach. If you’re thinking of helping your child learn their way around riding a quad and want to ensure that everything goes smoothly, here are a few key tips to consider: 

Tip #1: Emphasize safety

If there’s anything a parent should emphasize during the “onboarding” process, it's the importance of keeping things as safe as possible.

As your kid continues to hold a certain mix of recklessness and curiosity that may take time to go away, it is important to ensure that you watch out for them by teaching them safety measures. This particular process involves inserting various related lessons, such as why they should wear full safety gear and how being calm can work to their advantage. 

Pro-tip: When explaining the concept of safety, you’ll want to make your teaching process as kid-friendly as possible so that they listen thoroughly and take all the key points mentioned to heart!

Tip #2: Teach them the parts of the ATV before all else

One mistake that we often see at Tribal Motorsports that many first-time rider-parents make is that they don’t teach their little ones about the different parts of the machine. Considering that your kid is going to interact with quite a number of components that they’re not necessarily familiar with, putting them on a quad without explaining what does what is a recipe for disaster.

Before you sit your little one down on an ATV and let them start riding, it’s important to first teach them about the various parts of the vehicle so that they can understand the essential controls right from the beginning. Here’s what you’ll need to get them familiarized with when you introduce the parts:

  • The throttle
  • The handlebar
  • The brakes

Tip #3: Get your little one started on a kid-sized ATV

If you want to ensure that your child picks up the nuances of riding and maneuvering an ATV like a natural, you’ll need to get them started with a vehicle that’s appropriate for their size and age. While it may seem like a significant cost, a kid-sized quad is a worthy investment because it will allow them to learn quicker and have an easier time picking up key habits that will serve them well as they move up!

To help you find the best ATV for your little one’s age and height, check out our guide to picking the best options on the market and what you need to consider!


As exciting as it may be to help your little one cultivate the very love they have for riding ATVs, the process of teaching them can be quite intimidating because of how unfamiliar the whole experience can be. Fortunately, taking the time to apply the three key tips mentioned above will allow you to have a much easier experience imparting valuable skills and knowledge and make it as enjoyable as possible!

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