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Tribal Top Sellers: 2 Coolster ATV Models and What They Have to Offer

Harry Strick |

As parents, you are well aware of how challenging it may be to try and figure out precisely what it is that you can buy for your child that they will like. After all, you want to make sure they are not disappointed with what you're about to give them. The same can be said about picking an ATV for your child, specifically the Coolster ATVs, which are essentially ATVs explicitly built for kids. 

Now, there are plenty of Coolster ATV options for your kid, but the question remains: which one should you pick? In this article, we'll talk about two of our favorite Coolster ATV models and share what they have to offer to help you decide:

The Coolster 110cc ATV - 3050c

Being one of the best kid-friendly ATVs you can find out there, the Coolster 110cc ATV is the perfect gift you can give your child. With its 110cc engine, your child will have no problem going as fast as 20mph. However, this can be a little too fast for your child, so training them on maintaining a decent speed will be something that you should do.

Apart from its excellent engine, the 110cc ATV comes with many other features that make it great. From its suspension system to its hydraulic system, this ATV offers your child a stable and comfortable driving experience. It also provides you (the parent) the ability to turn off the engine remotely. This ensures that you can remotely switch the engine off should your child run into driving issues.

The Coolster 125cc ATV - 3125XR8-U

Being quite similar to the previous 110cc ATV, the Coolster 125cc ATV is also an excellent option that you should consider buying for your kid. As you may have guessed, the 125cc engine it has to offer means that your kid gets access to a little more power than a 110cc engine. 

You can expect the engine to push the vehicle as fast as 25mph, although you can go even quicker with some mods. If your child has already had some experience driving ATVs and is up to driving faster, this is a great pick.

That said, the ATV itself also offers the features we've talked about with the 110cc option, including the remote switch-off part. As such, safety isn't too much of a concern for you here. With its added functionality of reverse and semi-transmission, your child can also maneuver the ATV with ease.


Which should you pick? If you're having trouble deciding between the two options we've shared above, consider a few additional factors like design your child likes, other features the ATV has to offer, the budget you have to work with, and the warranty that comes with the ATV. If one option satisfies more of your needs and requirements than the other, then go with that option!

 If you can—and we recommend that you should—bring your child along to pick the ATV with you. Being able to put their wants onto the table will help them enjoy the purchasing process and be more proud of the ATV they finally own!

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