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Parents Guide: What Size ATV Should I Buy My Child?

best atvs for kids

Jonathan Kerr |

What ATVs To Get For Your Kids

It's Christmas time and my child only put one thing on his Christmas list -- as a parent all you want to do is to make your kids Christmas wishes come true. For me this was a daunting task because, as with any large purchase, you have to do a fair amount of research before buying something.

After hours of scouring the internet I found that it was incredibly hard to find the right size quad to purchase for my 10 year old. I was certain that I wanted to buy from an online dealership but most of the websites I was looking at had vague information in relation to the size of 4 wheeler I needed to buy to best fit my child's age.

So, I write this "guide" for parents like me. My hope is to help answer some of the questions others parents ask themselves about finding a perfect ATV to fit their child. 

I ended up finding my ATV that I bought from Tribal Motorsports because I liked the reputation of this online dealership, as well as the incredible sales team that help me find the perfect ATV for my son. 


Understanding Engine Sizes

Before selecting an ATV to buy, it's important to understand the different sizes that are typically available to your new rider.

110cc ATVs : 3 - 7 year olds

This engine is typically the smallest engine size that is reliable on the market right now. There are smaller company's that manufacture 60cc ATVs, but the quality of the build is largely unreliable and has many mechanical issues. Most parents don't feel comfortable (myself included) with starting their 3-7 year old child on a 110cc ATV, but never fear, I learned that all 110cc - 150cc Chinese ATVs actually have parental controls built in such as:

  • Speed Limiter Screw (can be found on the throttle)
  • Engine Kill Remote (kills the engine remotely if your child is being too much of a dare devil)

The benefit of the parental controls? Parents can slow the speed of the four wheeler to speeds as low as 5 miles per hour. This is a great feature because it makes starting your child on a 50cc-60cc quad unnecessary, because the frame size of most 60cc ATVs is identical to most 110cc frame sizes. Additionally, you will find that the price points of 50cc-60cc ATVs are very similar to the price points of 110cc ATVs. 

In summary, for the same price of a 50cc - 60cc ATV, you can get more power and versatility from a 110cc. 

Popular 110cc ATV Models

From my research, the most popular 110cc ATVs are the following makes and models:

Coolster 3050c 110cc




Tao Motor Boulder B1 110cc

blue 110cc kids atv



The last bit of detail that is important to note: the Coolster 3050c and Tao Boulder B1 do not have reverse. This is the primary reason why these two ATVs are so much more affordable than other styles of 110cc ATVs.


125cc ATVs: 8 - 15 year olds

125cc ATVs are extremely versatile for many reasons. Because it's so hard to predict how fast your child will grow, most parents choose to buy 125cc ATVs because the offer the most room for grow without paying much extra. 

All 125cc ATVs have a top speed of 25 MPH, but still come with all the awesome parental controls that 110cc ATVs provide. 

Here are some perks & information that will be helpful for parents to know about most 125cc ATVs:

  • Equipped with Speed Limiter
  • Equipped with Remote Engine Kill Switch
  • 27 inch seat height
  • Comes with reverse gear 
  • 8 inch rims with 19 inch tires

I personally love the 125cc because, even at my 5 foot and 10 inch height I didn't feel too incredible cramped... meaning this ATV will have a ton of room for your child to grow into. 

There are also two different style options of 125cc ATVs -- Sport ATV or Utility ATV. For parents looking for an ATV for hunting or navigating large tracks of land, I would recommend the utility style. For parents interested in a racing ATV, there are several sport styles available that will meet your needs.


Popular 125cc ATV Models

Below are the two most popular 125cc ATVs:

Tao Motor Raptor 125cc Semi-Automatic Quad

Tao Motor Raptor 125cc Kids Quad




Tao Motor Cheetah Sport 125cc Semi-Automatic Quad

Green Tao Motor Cheetah 125cc Kids ATV


Important Note: The sport ATVs, for the most part are semi-automatic. There is a foot shifter (no clutch) that will shift into reverse, neutral, and three different drive gears. Also, all of the ATVs available are only 2 wheel drive.

150cc ATVs: 15 + year olds

150cc - 200cc are perfect for teen riders, as well as adults. These ATVs are similar in frame size to a "standard" ATV (e.g. Honda and Polaris adult four wheelers). The Coolster and Tao Tao 150cc - 200cc quads typically have a top speed of 35 MPH to 40 MPH.

These ATVs are for more experienced riders who have ridden a four wheeler before. 


Popular 150cc - 200cc ATV Models

Below I have listed the most popular 150cc - 200cc four wheeler models:

Tao Motor Raptor 200cc Quad

Orange/Grey Tao Motor Raptor 200cc Quad


Coolster 150cc Sport 3150CXC Quad

Coolster 150cc Sport Adult ATV 3150CXC


Tao Motor 169cc Bull 200 Quad

TaoMotor Bull 200 Adult ATV


So, which ATV should I choose?

If you read through this article and are still asking yourself, "OK, how do I choose one for my kid specifically?", this next part is for you.

When selecting an ATV it is important to look at not only the recommended age for the model you are interested in, but also look at the dimensions and seat height compare those dimensions to the length of your child inseam on their jeans.

Sounds funny right? I promise if you measure your child's inseam and then compare that to the seat height of the ATV, you will find a suitable size for them! That's exactly what I did and the quad fits perfectly.


What ATV should you choose?

I landed on the Coolster R2 from Tribal Motorsports. My kid is a bit shorter for a 10 year old so I felt that a 125cc ATV would give him the most room to grow. 

I hope this guide was helpful for you! Thanks to Tribal Motorsports for asking me to do a guest post on their blog. If you have any questions for me about this article, please feel free to give me a shout to my e-mail:

Happy Riding!

- Jon