What Size Of Adult ATVs You Can Buy

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Driving a gas-powered ATV is a fun recreational activity and can even be a way to get around. These vehicles are compact enough to let you travel around paved and off-road routes without losing a much-needed range of speed that exceeds 70 miles per hour. Although gas-powered ATVs are generally more expensive than electric models, they’re built to last for much longer since it doesn’t rely on battery power. It’s just a matter of purchasing the right size and engine power for your preferences.

3 Different Gas-Powered ATVs for Adults

The general classification for ATVs depends on the range of cc or maximum speed that it covers. ATVs can range from 50cc models fit for children from 6 to 11 years of age to 700cc sports quads. There are also more powerful 1,000cc models that are great for utility and other practical uses. Ideally, anything below 125cc (cubic centimeters) is fit for children to drive since there’s a much lower risk of getting injuries. ATVs below 125cc have a much smaller engine size and capacity, which is why adults and more intermediate riders should match their driving preferences.

In this article, we’ll share the top three gas-powered ATVs for adults you can purchase.

  1. 125cc to 200cc ATVs

Teens aged 16 above and beginner adult drivers generally start at this range. Although 200cc ATVs aren’t the best fit for experienced drivers, these quads are just the right fit for amateurs. With a modest capacity of 38 MPH, 200cc models sit comfortably at being over 70 inches long and 42 inches wide.

  1. 250cc+ ATVs

250cc models start reaching speeds that go from 60 MPH onward, making them ideal for drivers that want to have almost double the speed of standard 200cc brands. 250cc ATVs are around 76 inches long and 42 inches wide, with varying model sizes. People who ride 250cc ATVs need to understand proper operating instructions and can even be fit to ride competitively. Sport ATVs generally start with 250cc onwards like the Vitacci Pentora, with its lightweight features and robust suspension for jumps, turns, and bumps.

  1. 400cc+ ATVs

Although 250cc is a decent model to start and stop with, more powerful motor sizes have much stronger run capacities. For example, 400 to 500cc models are excellent for light trail riding and new riders that want to drive at comfortable cruising speeds. These are excellent for reaching optimal speeds of 60 MPH for farmers and ranchers with vast properties.

Jumping up one degree in size, 550 to 700cc models are effectively better for taller individuals. However, their engine capacity makes them a great fit for aggressive trail riding and hauling light to medium cargo. With maximum speeds of 70 MPH, these are strong enough to serve as a utility and recreational vehicle simultaneously.

For people who want to engage in heavily aggressive trail riding, 700 to 1,000cc models are the perfect quads to purchase. ATVs of these sizes are robust enough to handle different terrain, making them capable of crossing streams, passing mud, and even climbing hills. These models are powerful enough to run at 80 MPH.

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Whether you plan to ride an ATV for recreational or practical purposes, it’s necessary to find the right fit for your needs. Knowing about the size ranges that will fit your purposes makes it easier for you to compare the right models from the best brands.

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