Amigo Polo 150cc Scooter
Amigo Polo 150cc Scooter
Amigo Polo 150cc Scooter
Amigo Polo 150cc Scooter
Amigo Polo 150cc Scooter

Amigo Polo 150cc Scooter

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Green Amigo 150cc Scooter


The Amigo Polo 150 scooter is an economic and efficient mid-size scooter that can quickly zip you around your day to day activities! The Polo's reliable, 150cc engine zips through traffic and can be relied on for years of low-maintenance operation. This bike is fully automatic (no clutch) and easy for new riders who do not have experience operating a manual transmission vehicle.

With an 80 MPG fuel economy, you can ride the Polo without fear of wasting time (and money) hitting the pump! The Amigo Polo includes a reliable electric starter and backup kick starter, so riders never have to fear getting caught with a ride that just won't start or dead battery.

This scooter is equipped front hydraulic disc brake that gives the Polo 150 moped serious stopping power for safe braking regardless of weather conditions. This scooter is EPA, DOT and CARB Approved Street Legal and can be registered as a street legal vehicle in all 50 states including California. Comes in a selection of awesome colors!

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Technical Specs

Engine: 150cc 4 stroke engine
Cooling: Single cylinder air-cooled
Transmission: Automatic transmission
Starting System: Electric and kick starter
Speed: Top speed 55+ mph
Fuel Economy: 80 mpg
Wheels: Powder coated black rims 13 inch tires
Brake System: Front disc and rear drum brakes
Emergency kill switch: Yes
Passenger Features: Folding passenger pegs
Storage: Under seat storage Trunk