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How to Buy a Dirt Bike: A Guide for Beginner Adult Riders

How to Buy a Dirt Bike: A Guide for Beginner Adult Riders

Harry Strick |

Dirt biking is a popular adventure sport and an exciting way to explore the outdoors. As a beginner adult rider, trying out this hobby can be exciting but often daunting. This is especially true if you are overwhelmed about which bike you should purchase. You might wonder how much your budget should be, where to buy it, and which type is the best. 

The good news is that we have the information you need to remember when looking for dirt bikes for sale for adults and buying the ideal one for your skill level and preferences. Use this article as a how-to guide for buying your first ever dirt bike.


  • Determine the purpose of the bike

  • The first step you should take before even you start searching for dirt bikes is to determine the kind of biking you want to try. You can ride on woods, dunes, trails, or dirt bike tracks. If you plan on racing, look for a motocross bike because it has a lighter weight. 

    You can also opt to enjoy relaxed riding and buy a trail bike. Since it is made to handle rough terrain and unexpected obstacles, it requires less top-end power and better suspension and torque.

  • Take your budget into account

  • Determine the amount of money you can spend on your bike before you start seriously looking. Don’t forget to allot some budget for repair and initial maintenance in case a part needs to be fixed right away. If you have to make some repairs, look for aftermarket parts. Just make sure they are in excellent condition.

  • Consider your biking experience

  • Dirt bikes come in many types, and your biking experience can determine the bike you should buy. If you have tried dirt biking for a long time, you likely know how to maneuver a dirt bike easily. You can look around for more powerful electric dirt bikes for sale or those with more speed. On the other hand, it’s best to buy a beginner bike you can actually ride and keep control of if you have ridden a dirt bike only once or twice.

    An ideal bike for beginner adult riders like you is our Coolster M-125 125cc full-sized dirt bike, Coolster 125cc FX mid-sale dirt bike, and TaoMotor 140cc dirt bike. They have no unnecessary power, but they allow you to enjoy trail riding fun without paying thousands of dollars for a branded bike. Steer clear of anything with more than 300 in displacement and avoid the big motor 450 Motocross bike because they are too powerful for riders with little or no biking experience.

  • Do more research

  • Your physical strength can affect the ideal dirt bike for you. When looking into models, be cautious about the power and weight of the bike to avoid buying one with so much force. Afterward, narrow down your options and do more research on every model. Check different websites and social media pages and read customer reviews to know if there are issues with the bike you are planning to buy.


    Buying your very first adult dirt bike can be a thrilling experience. Fortunately, you now know the steps you have to take to select the right bike for you. All you have to do is follow the tips listed in this guide. Don’t forget to buy only from a reputable dealer like us to be assured of the quality and performance of your bike.

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