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Top Coolster ATV Models Reviewed (Are They Worth Your Money?)

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Harry Strick |

Top Coolster ATV Models Reviewed  (Are They Worth Your Money?)

There are several manufacturers on the market right now that are creating high-quality ATVs for children, teenagers, and adults. It might be challenging to select the best ATV among the numerous alternatives on the market. The Coolster ATV offers an unrivaled combination of sport and practicality to its customers. It includes every safety feature a parent could want, including foot brakes, a throttle governor, a speed limiter, and a remote kill button.

Is the Coolster ATV a good field riding vehicle for the money? Let's explore the top 3 Coolster models to find out.

  • Coolster 110cc - 3050c
  • A four-stroke 110cc engine powers this Coolster ATV variant. The small engine is perfect for most new riders whose age is between 3 to 7 years old. This Coolster model includes a complimentary tool kit plus a three-month component warranty with the ATV


    • Good build quality
    • Excellent air-cooling
    • Transmission is automatic.
    • Front drum brakes
    • The rear brakes are hydraulic discs.
    • Parental controls for speed limiting and remote engine control (remote kill switch).
    • A clutch that operates automatically.


    • Engine with a low output, only good for beginners.
    • No reverse.

  • Coolster 125cc Utility - 3125R / 3125XR8-U
  • The ATV model is appropriate for children and people who are new to riding an ATV. The motor vehicles are outfitted with many safety measures to ensure the rider's safety. So, for parents looking for a beautiful ATV with outstanding safety features, the Coolster ATV is a great option.

    A 125cc 4-stroke engine powers the model. The engine power is enough for novices and children of a certain age.


    • Excellent safety features.
    • The cost is low.
    • The front bumper is protected with bumper guards.
    • Parental speed controls.
    • Front & rear racks.
    • The remote kill switche


    • The vehicle is automatic but has a shift stick, riders must use a shifter to switch from forward, neutral, and reverse, but there are not multiple gears.
    • On the Coolster 3125R, the tires and rims are smaller.

    Bonus: Watch our comparison video of the Coolster R1 vs the Coolster R2 below to find the right model that meets your child's needs.

  • Coolster 150cc

  • Coolster's ATV features a 150cc engine that is quite powerful. With this ATV model, you can easily navigate off-road terrain. If you're a fan of hunting, winching, plowing snow, and so on, this ATV is an excellent choice (winches and plow accessories must be bought separately).


    • A strong engine.
    • Transmission is automatic.
    • Suspension with two A-arms.
    • There is a rack on both the front and rear.
    • The starter is powered by electricity.


    • Materials used for construction are below average.

    A Caveat on Coolster ATVs

    Although Coolster ATVs are excellent, low-cost alternatives to more famous brands, you should carefully consider your intended use and technical skills before acquiring these off-brand vehicles. Coolster engines are often based on the machinery and design of earlier Japanese manufacturers, with the internals rebuilt specifically to the importers' demands. The buyer must have an excellent working understanding of its many technicalities, such as fuel, air, and ignition systems, correct brake-system maintenance, and must regularly maintain the vehicles to prolong it’s life.

    According to Coolster ATV reviews, it is likewise not a high-performance vehicle. Enthusiasts would never think of using it for competition or aggressive riding. Although many of our customers use it for mudding and trail riding, these models are optimum for simply traversing farm land and carrying cargo on the racks. If you do plan on using the ATV for more aggressive activities, we recommend performing maintenance often. 


    Coolster ATVs are excellent choices if you're looking for a low-cost, high-quality sport quad. It's packed with safety measures and is as fun to ride as it is for kids. This four-wheeler meets the bill, is sturdy, easy to modify, and is a fantastic sport quad for youngsters and adults, whether it's the 110cc, 125cc, or 150cc model.

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